2020 SFA International Convention



From Director SFAIC:

Dear friends and SFA membership
It is with great regret that I inform you of the 2020 SFA International Convention cancellation.
The decision has been due to the current COVID-19 situation. The following factors were considered in making this tough decision.
          Current travel restrictions for military, and specifically SOF personnel
          Eglin AFB COVID-19 related restrictions
          Input from 7th SFG(A)
          Multiple cancellations due to COVID-19 concerns
          Rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation
          International and domestic travel restrictions
          Reluctance of sponsors to support the event in the current environment
The restrictions imposed by the military on our active duty personnel has resulted in the loss of all support and attendance from our active duty membership. And the health concerns or our membership and the current COVID situation in the state of Florida has resulted in multiple cancellations. A third-order effect of these, is the loss of support of some of our sponsors. In addition, our eagerness to make the convention a reality has created a perception in some key individuals / organizations, that we are in disregard of our active duty membership’s combat readiness and our veteran membership’s health.
All this means that at this point, is neither financially viable nor strategically wise for us to conduct the convention.    
Although all official functions of the convention have been cancelled, there is still a way to link up and see old friends for those of you that wish to do so.
We have contacted the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort and they have agreed to honor the price of lodging for those that made reservations and are still willing to travel. In addition, we have coordinated with the resort in order to have and operate a Hospitality Suite for our SFA membership and their guests from 12-15 August.
Anyone who made reservations in the resort and does not want to take advantage of the aforementioned opportunity must call the resort to cancel their reservations.
Chapter VII put in a lot of efforts and hours and held for as long as they could to make the convention a reality. Unfortunately, there were too many elements out of their control. They will immediately initiate the process of refunding all convention registrations. As the coordinating chapter for the 2020 convention, Chapter VII had to incur operating expenses and still has certain financial obligations. Anyone wishing to forfeit or donate any portion of their registration cost to help mitigating those expenses can do so by notifying the 2020 convention director at director@sfainternationalconvention.org or the convention treasurer at treasurer@sfainternationalconvention.org.

Stay safe.  DOL


Kevin L. Harry