Mission Statement


The mission of this Chapter is for the seeking out, identifying, and recruiting those individuals in our area of operation who are unaware of the existence of this Special Forces Association Chapter.

The mission, is to advise those individuals of our brothers in arms who we have trained with, served with, and bleed with, who have come together establishing this chapter in Honor of our past brothers. We will remember these brothers and share our stories of those days which have past.

We will meet at predetermined times and places to discuss the affairs of the current status of the Special Forces Community. When needed we will respond to assist any of the Special Forces Groups requesting our assistance. Whether for training purposes, supporting those being deployed, or organizing our support through fund raisers, charity collections/donations, or letter writing to those individuals of the government who are not listening to the requests being made for the proper equipment by those they are sending into harms way.

We will make ourselves available to the families of deployed members, to help with daily day to day matters which may arise during that members absence. We will continue the moral support and guidance so greatly needed to those returning from deployment.

When there is a loss of one of our brothers, the Chapter will assist the family in any way it can; through the preparation of their uniform, to a standing Honor Guard, and placement of flowers.

Together we will continue to serve each other as we have in the past. Watching each others back, protecting our families, our lives, our liberties, and helping each other in our hours of need.

Always remembering“for God and Country” ! 
and our motto, “De Oppresso Liber”!

Paul Callamaras Jr., Past President
Chapter XIX Special Forces Association