O.A.S.I.S. (Operational Advocates Supporting Injured SOF), assists the Special Operations Warrior through its comprehensive understanding of the Veterans Administration processes and systems to ensure fair and thorough evaluation.

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Please note the OASIS Group schedule for next year.  If you any issues with the VA and are near any of these locations I suggest contacting OASIS. They know what they are doing.
Cliff Newman, Executive Director
Special Forces Association

OASIS Group is going to modify how we get the word out for our seminars. Rather than post the schedule with specific days on our Facebook page we will put out a notification flyer about a month out. Additionally a list of the dates and locations follow. Please note the SFA Convention and SOAR do not have seminars. I ask that you please share with your members. As always all SF active duty, veterans, spouses and support personnel are invited to our seminars.


Jan 8                    Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM), WA                   1st SFG

Mar 17                  Pearl Harbor, HI                                                   SOCPAC

Apr 6 & 7              Ft. Carson, CO                                                     10th SFG,

Apr 22                  JBLM, WA                                                             1st SFG

Jun 12-19             Jacksonville, FL                                                      SFA

Jun 23                  Eglin AFB, FL                                                         7th SFG

Jul 8                     JBLM, WA                                                              1st SFG

Jul 19 & 21           Ft. Bragg, NC                                                         3rd SFG, etc

Aug 4                   Stuttgart, Germany                                                1/10th SFG

Sep TBD               Ft. Campbell, KY                                                     5th SFG

Oct 14                  JBLM, WA                                                               1st SFG

Oct TBD                Las Vegas, NV                                                         SOAR

Dec 14                  Okinawa, Japan                                                       1/1st SFG


In addition to the normal General Benefits and Education Benefits briefs we are adding a brief on the GBFs Next Ridgeline project and the Foundation for Financial Planning will provide a presentation and Pro Bono financial advice for any attendees interested. This advice will come from a local financial planner and can be accessed at anytime for the rest of your life.


John Armezzani

Executive Director, OASIS Group

Office (253) 477-5827

Fax (253) 966-9428


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