Tony Antonelli

We received word from Gerde Wiede that Tony passed away on April 12, 2019.

Tony was going through dialysis for the past several years and reached the point that it did not help him consequently all that could be done at the end was sedate him and  make him comfortable.   Just prior to his death, he was visited by Gerd Wiede  who said that Tony was not conscious or aware that Gerd was even there.

Tony was a member of the 11th group during the days when Bravo  Company was located at Camp Kilmer.  He left the group sometime about 1970 and was transferred to another unit to fly helicopters. Which he did until his retirement.   He retired as a Chief Warrant Officer.  What grade he held at the time of his retirement, is unknown.

Tony & Q 1965

We think he was married three times, and had one daughter, who he had no contact with.