When To Wear the Beret




The Special Forces Association, a fraternal organization, has not, and will not issue a uniform regulation or a mandatory dress code. 

Any individual wearing the Beret (with SFA Flash and Crest), and/or the Green Blazer (with SFA Patch) is representative of the SFA must presented themselves in a positive image. It should be inherent upon us as members of the Special Forces Community that we always present an impeccable appearance when wearing any item(s) associated with Special Forces, and the Special Forces Association. 

The following items of clothing are recommended for wear by members of the Special Forces Association.

  1.  Head Gear:
    1. Decade and General Members:  Green Beret with the SFA flash, and Insignia.

Please note– in msg nbr A932940090 dtd 21 Oct 93 the Chief of Staff, US Army, approved a policy which restricts the wearing of the Green Beret to Special Forces qualified soldiers.  The SFA adopted that policy as it pertains to Association members also. 

AR 670-1.a.(5)   http://ar670.com/articles/view/3/headgear/35

  • Associate Members:  Black Beret with the SFA flash, and Insignia or Maroon Beret if Airborne Qualified.
  • Green Blazer (color should match the Green Beret). Attachments could be the SFA insignia and/or Chapter insignia. Miniature or regular medals could be worn on the left side over pocket.  Lapel pins could include but not be limited to U.S. Flag, qualification badges, and organization pins. 
  • White shirt with Regimental tie.
  • Red, White & Blue Ribbon with SFA Crest or Longevity Badge.
  • Black trousers, socks and shoes. Shoes should be, as a minimum shined.

Seasonal variations may include:

  1.  Khaki, tan or gray trousers.
  • Chapters have formed honor guards that dress in camouflaged BDU’s, and the Chapter members also dress in the camouflage BDU’s. This is perfectly acceptable when worn at functions where such uniforms are appropriate. However, wearing of a camouflage jacket with a multitude of unit insignia sewn on or attached, badges, and medals while simultaneously wearing the Green Beret is considered inappropriate, and “tacky”, and not in keeping with the high traditions established by Special Forces. Further, it is not the image we wish to present to the American public. 

Attendance at Political Events:  The SFA is a non-political organization; no member may represent the Association or present an appearance or representation of the Association at any political event.

Your cooperation in this matter is solicited, and encouraged, and indeed appreciated.  Again this is not to be construed as an Association Uniform Regulation.